Save Water, Save Money with Rebates

Turf Removal Rebate

Receive up to $2.00 per square foot of turf removed!  Click here for more information.

Applicants who have already removed turf prior to the required site pre-inspection or rebate application submission will not qualify.

Spray-to-Drip Rebate

Receive up to $175 on drip kit assemblies to retrofit planter bed areas!  Get up to 3 kit assemblies per home.  Can be combined with Turf Removal rebate.  Apply on-line here.

A minimum of 250 square feet of irrigated area must be converted to drip irrigation. 

Drip Rebate Eligibility

Eligible Rebates Required Area (sq.ft.)
1  250-500
 2  501-750
 3  751+

Commercial sites eligible for up to $0.20 per sq.ft. of converted area.

RainBird drip conversion kit & installation video.

SoCal WaterSmart program:

The SoCal WaterSmart regional rebate program is available to SMWD customers, courtesy of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California and Municipal Water District of Orange County.  Receive money back for installing the following devices:

Please keep the following in mind:

  • Rebates will be issued on a first-come, first-served basis until funding is exhausted.
  • Submitting a rebate application does not guarantee you will receive a rebate.
  • Rebate applications are available online only.
  • Rebate reservations are not required for residential rebates.
  • Only original receipts will be accepted as proof of purchase.
  • Rebate applications and proof of purchase must be postmarked no later than 60 days after purchase.
  • Some devices or products may no longer be eligible for rebate, and rebate amounts are subject to change.
  • A minimum of 15 rotating nozzles must be purchased per application to be eligible for the rebate.
  • Rebate checks will be issued only to the residential water customer directly.
  • Rebate amounts may vary depending on local water agency participation.

For more information or submit an online rebate application, visit or call (888) 376-3314.

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