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Thank you for your interest in saving water and taking out your grass.  Public interest in turf removal rebates has been overwhelming and current program funding from Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWD) has been fully committed.  Additional funding may or may not be made available as early as May 26, 2015 when MWD's Board of Directors meet again.  The following program changes are effective May 12, 2015:

1) Customers may continue to submit applicaitons but approval will be on a first-come first-serve basis and subject to funding availability by MWD.

2) All reservation requests received after 1 P.M. on May 12, 2015 will be subject to any new terms and conditions that will be announced by theMWD on May 26, 2015.

3) Submital of an application does not guarantee approval or payment.

Please check this website after May 26th for the most up-to-date program information.  


Customers can apply to receive a turf removal rebate.  To qualify, a minimum of 250 square feet of lawn must be removed.


Program Details

Applicants who have already removed turf before submitting an application and receiving a site inspection will not qualify.

Funding is limited and application deadlines do apply. 

Please contact us at 949-459-6420 if you have questions.

SMWD SustainaBlue Turf Removal Spotlight

 View before and after photos, plant lists, and project costs of turf removal projects. 

Download "Turf Removal Spotlights"

SustainaBlue Landscape Design Assistance:

Use the SMWD SustainaBlue Landscapes plant website & our SustainaBlue Plant List to help you plant your new landscape!  We also have a Landscape Design Assistance program that will reimburse you for using the Tree of Life Nursery's "Designer in Residence" program.  Follow the link below for more info:



Plant Resources

SMWD SustainaBlue Plants

Free Landscape Designs with Plant Lists

Sunset Magazine's 21 Lawn-Free Yards

UC Davis Arboretum All-Stars

Eco-Friendly Landscape Design Plans

Tree of Life Nursery Planting Guide

Nurseries that feature low water use plants

SMWD offers FREE Landscape Workshops which will help you with your landscape design and maintenance.  Sign up today! 

Additional Resources, Classes, & Design Assistance available at Tree of Life Nursery, off Ortega Highway.

California's Save Our Water campaign has produced a great "How to Garden in a Drought" flyer that fits right in with those taking out grass.

High Efficiency Sprinklers & Drip Requirement: 

The Turf Removal Rebate requires that low flow rotating spray nozzles or drip be used in place of traditional sprayhead sprinklers.  We offer rebates on these to help you save water and comply with the turf rebate requirements!

DRIP REBATE:  Receive up to $175 on drip kits to retrofit planter bed areas.  Get up to 3 kits per home.  Can be combined with Turf Removal rebate. Commercial sites eligible for up to $0.20 per sq.ft. of converted area.  Apply on-line here.

ROTATING SPRINKLER NOZZLE REBATE:  Receive up to $4 per nozzle to retrofit existing sprayhead sprinklers.  These nozzles apply water more uniformly and evenly to your landscape.  Apply on-line here.


Turf Removal Examples: 

Hover your cursor over the photos to see the pre/post landscapes.  


turf removal pre post




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