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Summer runtimes are defined as having a 100% watering index value. Why? Because summer is the peak season for plant water demand. You can use your existing summer schedule that you may have already set up.

Alternatively, you can use the watering calculator to figure out the runtime for each zone (also called a valve or station) in your sprinkler system. Use our watering calculator to set up a custom watering schedule for your yard based on plant type, sprinkler type, and soil type (SMWD typically has clay loam soil). You will be given a chart of watering times as shown below:

Grass | Clay Loam | Sprinkler

Month January February March
May June July August September October November December
Watering Days per Week
1 1 1 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 1 1
Minutes per Cycle
8 5 8 7 8 8 5 8 7 5 5 8
Cycles per Day
1 2 2 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 2 1

Use the July runtimes for your 100% watering index setting. For example, using the Grass chart above, July says to water 3 days per week, with 2 watering cycles that water for 5 minutes in duration. You can schedule runtimes for all your sprinkler valves based on plant and sprinkler type associated with each valve.  

See the watering index info, below, to learn how to make simple monthly adjustments to water efficiently throughout the year.

Monthly Watering Index

Many weather factors influence how much water plants need.  The most important is day length (the amount of solar radiation) - this is why plants need 40% less water in October than in the summer!  See the FAQ (below) on how to use the watering index with your sprinkler timer to make simple - but important - changes to your watering times.

Watering Index

"Smart" Sprinkler Timer

If making manual adjustments aren't your thing, consider installing a "Smart" Sprinkler Timer that uses site conditions and daily weather to make automatic watering schedule changes.  We offer rebates on these - find them here.