Key Staff

SMWD was formed in 1964 as a landowner district (Section 35306 of the California Water Code) by a group of ranchers who wanted to create a reliable source of water for their cattle. As development occurred within the district’s boundaries, SMWD was reorganized in 1995 as a registered voter California Water District (California Water District legislation is Section 34000 of the California Water Code).

SMWD’s primary focus as a special district is to provide high-quality potable water, sewage collection and treatment, production and delivery of tertiary-treated recycled water, and urban runoff treatment. Day-to-day operations are supervised by the General Manager and implemented by staff.

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Key Staff

General Manager
Daniel R. Ferons
Deputy General Manager
Don Bunts
Chief Administrative OfficeChip Monaco
Secretary to the Board
Kelly Radvansky
Chief Engineer
Tricia Butler
Utilities Manager
Eric Smith
Christine McIlrevey
Information Technology Manager
Dustin Navarro
Director of External Affairs
Jim Leach
Customer Relations Supervisor
Elena Wilson
Human Resources Manager
Kathleen Springer
Chief Financial OfficerErica Castillo

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