Construction Meter & Meter Fees

A construction meter request requires, at a minimum, both of the following forms to be filled out, signed and printed when submitted.  Certain projects will also require an SMWD Encroachment Permit prior to the construction meter being issued.

Meter Charges

Prices are for standard sized meters for new development within the District. Please contact the District directly for the pricing of meters of other sizes and installation applications. Charges for meters supplied by the District shall be paid prior to the release of the meter. Current costs for meters only:

Construction / Hydrant Meters for Rent

Meter Size & TypeAmount
3" Hydrant Meter / Construction Rental Deposit$2,300
4" Construction Rental Deposit (includes strainer)$3,490
6" Construction Rental Deposit (includes strainer)$5,810
8" Construction Rental Deposit (includes strainer)$7,980

Please note that these meters may not be in stock and could require several months to acquire.

Meters for Purchase

Positive Displacement MetersAmount
5/8" Meter$360
¾" Meter$400
1" Meter$460
1 ½" Meter (10" or 13" LL) (includes 6’ antenna)$690
2" Meter (10" or 17" LL) (includes 6’ antenna)$860
Ultrasonic MetersAmount
1 ½" Meter (10")$940
2" Meter (10")$1,070
3" Meter (12")$3,350
4" Meter (14")$4,120
6" Meter (18")$6,800
Turbine MetersAmount
3" Meter$1,730
4" Meter$1,940
6" Meter$3,460
8" Meter$5,030
10" Meter$7,770
Compound MetersAmount
3" Meter$3,160
4" Meter$4,010
6" Meter$6,530
6"x8" Meter$10,600

Meter type/technology is determined by SMWD based on expected water usage.


Meter/Bolt & Gasket KitsAmount
2" Meter install kit (4 brass hex bolts, 4 brass hex nuts, full face meter gaskets)$90
1 ½" Meter install kit (4 brass hex bolts, 4 brass hex nuts, full face meter gaskets)$60
6' Antenna$40
20' Antenna$50
Retrofit R900I Register, CF (5/8" - 2")$250
3" Strainer (required for RW meters)$1,000
4" Strainer (required for RW meters)$1,690
6" Strainer (required for RW meters)$2,540
8" Strainer (required for RW meters)$3,190
10" Strainer (required for RW meters)$6,660

Authorized Unmetered Water During Construction

The applicant shall pay a fee of $20 per lot for unmetered water use during construction for flushing and testing. Fee shall be paid prior to approval of plans and is subject to change without prior notification.