Bill Estimator

The bill calculator provides a convenient way to estimate your bill based on current rates as of January 2023.

Step 1. Using your most recent bill, use the drop-downs and enter in data to estimate your bill. Use the sliding scale in the “Water Use” section below to adjust your hypothetic usage. The graph on the right will dynamically change based on your selections and water usage.

Step 2. Scroll to the table and view the estimated monthly bill.

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Rate Calculator

Using your most recent bill, fill out the fields below. Each time you leave a field the form will automatically recalculate. Use the Water Use slider to adjust your CCF usage to calculate your bill.

Water Budget

Indoor Budget
Outdoor Budget
Total Budget

Water Use*

1 CCF is 1 billing unit and equal to 748 gallons.

* The average monthly single-family household water use is 14 CCF.  Please see your bill for your appropriate CCF usage.  Water use may be lower in winter, higher in summer. SMWD measures consumption in Hundred Cubic Feet (CCF). 1 CCF = 748 Gallons.

**Please note: This calculator is for estimating purposes only. Your actual bill will vary based on actual meter size, number of days in the billing cycle, and actual weather. Your outdoor budget will adjust with the weather; in summer the outdoor budget will be greater than in winter. For more information on how the District uses weather data please visit our weather page.

Disclaimer of Warranties / Accuracy of Data

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