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The bill calculator provides a convenient way to estimate your bill based on current rates as of January 2022.  

Step 1. Using your most recent bill, complete the highlighted fields. 

Step 2. Scroll to the table and view the estimated monthly bill. You may toggle between tabs to compare your estimated bills. 

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* The average monthly single-family household water use is 14 CCF.  Please see your bill for your appropriate CCF usage.  Water use may be lower in winter, higher in summer. SMWD measures consumption in Hundred Cubic Feet (CCF). 1 CCF = 748 Gallons.

** Your outdoor budget will adjust with the weather; in summer the outdoor budget will be greater than in winter.  This calculator uses the annual monthly average evapotranspiration rate of 4".  For more information on how the District uses weather data please visit our weather page.

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This simple calculator uses irrigable area to calculate an average monthly bill for residential lots.  For the sake of this simple calculator, generalized irrigable areas for residential groups have been grouped as such:

Lot Size (sq.ft.)

Irrigable Area (sq.ft.)

0 – 4,000


4,001 – 8,000


8,001 – 15,000


15,001 – 50,000


> 50,000


This calculator also assumes a 30-day read cycle and uses historical average monthly evapotranspiration (a weather factor) to calculate outdoor budgets.