SMWD Policies

Ethics, Disclosures & Reimbursement Policies

The policy of SMWD is to maintain the highest standards of ethics from its District officials, General Manager and employees. To ensure that decisions and policy be made apparently and transparently, SMWD has adopted and follows a Ethics and Conflicts of Interest Policy (PDF).

In addition, the District has adopted and follows a Conflict of Interest Code (PDF) and fully complies with the specific requirements of the Political Reform Act (financial interests and decision making), Government Code Section 1090 (contracts), the Ralph M. Brown Act (open meetings) and AB 1234 (compensation, expense reimbursement and ethics training). These policy and statutory requirements ensure transparency and ethical behavior by water district officials and staff. View the Board of Director’s current ethics training certificates (PDF).

SMWD takes its stewardship over the use of its limited pubic resources seriously. Therefore, SMWD has adopted and follows a Travel and Expense Reimbursement Policy (PDF) to provide limits and guidelines for reimbursement of expenses that are incurred in the conduct of District business.

Finance Policies

The Finance Policies are approved by the Board of Directors. Current policies can be downloaded below.

Investment Policy

Reserve and Fiscal Policies IDs 1-8

Reservice and Fiscal Policies ID 9