Recycled Water Irrigation Plan Review & On-Site Inspections

Recycled Water Irrigation Plan Review:  The District must review and approve all new and renovated on-site irrigation plans using (or planned to use) recycled water prior to and during construction.  For new irrigation plan submissions, a special SMWD Recycled Water Design Exhibit must be included. Fees exist for this.

RWU Design Guide SMWD Image

Recycled Water On-Site Inspections & Site Supervisors:  Existing recycled water sites need to be periodically inspected by SMWD staff and a cross-connection shutdown test performed.  SMWD staff will coordinate with site supervisors to schedule these inspections and tests.

SMWD Recycle Water Inspection

Contact Us:

Please contact Ryan Pape with questions regarding plan review, on-site inspections and cross-connection tests.

 (949) 328-0544 (C)                              (949) 459-6608 (O)