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Experience climate-friendly gardens with STYLE in-person!

Thank you for celebrating National Arbor Day with us! 

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Saturday, April 29, 2023

8:30 am - 10:30 am  Garden and Design Expo

11:00 am - 1 pm Self-guided Driving Tour

  • Chat with plant experts and take home some sweet garden giveaways!
  • Learn about sustainable landscape design with Urban Ecology Studio  
  • Tour the SMWD WaterWorks Garden styles: Mediterranean, Cal Native, Southwest, Meadow, and Home Orchard
  • Celebrate National Arbor Day by attending a Tree Health workshop
  • Get a map and head out on a self-guided home garden tour!

Talks at the EXPO:

8:30 am

WaterWorks Gardens with Style Tour

Fountain1Join us for an easy and inspiring walk through the 5 dedicated garden styles (California Native, Southwest, Mediterranean, Meadow, and Home Orchard) and their focal trees in our 1/2 acre demonstration garden at the SMWD Headquarters. The tour guide will highlight how SMWD has incorporates climate-friendly focal trees into our garden!

Bio: Amelia Herndon-Steen will host this talk. She is a Senior Water Efficiency Specialist and Landscape Architect and was the lead designer in charge of re-designing the SMWD Water Works Garden in 2019. 

9:15 am

Join Urban Ecology Studio for a scheduled talk:Team photo 

Description: Learn about creating ecological landscapes for homes and outdoor spaces. Urban Ecology Studio will share their natural approach to landscape design and tips to creating beautiful and inviting spaces that also retain water, improve soil health and create invaluable habitat for butterflies, birds, and other wildlife.

Bio: Urban Ecology Studio, a full-service design/build firm, practices ecologically thoughtful landscape design. Understanding and believing in the healing powers of nature, we use modern design and regenerative practices to create flourishing landscape environments. We strive to bring enjoyment and functionality for our clients while also creating thriving ecosystems. (CSLB #1089476) LINK TO WEBSITE

10:00 am

Join Tom Larson for a scheduled talk, "Trees: Tips for Longevity and Success"

20220308_140855Description:  Tom Larson is local legend when it comes to water conservation, urban forestry and agricultural land management. With decades of experience with landscapes, this presentation will highlight critical tips for tree maintenance and longevity.

Bio: Tom Larson has an Agricultural Science degree and specializes in agricultural land management. He has been on advisory committees for the California Urban Forestry Council, Metropolitan Water District, US Forest Service, and The Great Park Foundation. Most recently he developed the PEACE Farm for Saddleback Church's Rancho Capistrano campus to grow food for families in need. 

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