Control Your Controller

adjusting sprinkler controller

1) Reset Your Controller  (LINK)

Operating and controlling your controller can be confusing but it is important for plant health and watering efficiently.  Find your irrigation controller (or sprinkler timer) at the website above to find resources and videos on how to use it.

2) Create a Base Watering Schedule (LINK)

Use our guide to create a base watering schedule.

3)  Adjust Water Schedules

After creating a base schedule, use the Watering Index to make simple monthly adjustments to apply water efficiently. Or, upgrade to a Smart Sprinkler Timer that make these watering adjustments automatically - we have rebates available for these!

SMWD WaterWorks Garden

Outdoor Water Use Exhibit

Visit the outdoor water use Exhibit to learn more about outdoor irrigation.  On-site there are four distinct sprinkler timers that you can interact with, outlined below.

  1. Rain Bird ESP-Me (Smart)
  2. Rachio (Smart)
  3. Orbi B-Hyve (Smart)
  4. Irritrol Rain Dial

Rain Bird's ESP-ME Controller is a traditional timer that can be made "smart" by adding their LNK WiFi module and an on-site weather sensor.  This controller is used in the WaterWorks Garden as a "smart" controller. This controller is eligible for a rebate.

Rain Bird's website for the ESP-ME Controller with videos

Rain Bird ESP-Me_WiFiCompatible