File a Claim

The Santa Margarita Water District is a special district and is bound by California Government Code in how claims are handled and processed. The purpose of the claim is to provide the District with prompt notice of the claim so it can investigate the claim and establish a timeline for resolving the claim. Government Code 900 has the full rules and regulations related to claims, but the below text is summarized based on the typical claims that the District sees.

When Should I Submit A Claim?

Claims concerning personal injury or damage to personal property must be submitted within six (6) months of the incident. See Government Code 911 for exceptions.

What Happens Once A Claim Is Submitted?

Once the District’s claim form is submitted by the claimant, the District will review the claim form and ensure that all the required information was submitted. At that point, the District will investigate the claim and resolve the claim within 45 days. If the claim is approved, the District will transmit a General Release form to be completed by the claimant and, upon completion, funds will be awarded to the claimant.  

Tips On Submitting A Claim Form

  • Be as specific as possible when describing the location of the incident. Make sure to include any details that you can provide such as the time, cross streets, or addresses wherever possible.
  • If the actual amount of the claim is less than $10,000, indicate the exact amount of the claim. If the amount of the claim exceeds $10,000, indicate whether the claim amount will be under purview of Municipal Court (Up to $25,000) or Superior Court (Over $25,000).
  • Make sure to include specific itemization and/or include copies of any documents that support your claim. This could include copies of bills/invoices, photographs, cancelled checks, receipts, etc.

Click here to download the claim form.