Utility Plan Request

The Santa Margarita Water District is committed to responding to Utility Plan Records Requests for commercial and residential projects.  Please provide the following information via email to engcounter@smwd.com to obtain utility plans and other related data:

  • Project location
  • Description of project
  • Timeline of project
  • Project map - highlight areas where plans are being requested
  • Type of utility records (water, sewer, non-domestic, street map, etc.)
  • Contact information
  • Additional Comments

After submitting the request, it will be reviewed and the retrieval of the requested plans will be initiated. Once plans and all related data have been compiled, you will receive an email with the requested information. Response times may vary based on size of project and availability of staff. 

If you have any questions regarding utility plan requests, please contact the Engineering Counter at (949)459-6503 or engcounter@smwd.com.