San Juan Sewer Upgrade

Santa Margarita Water District continues to upgrade critical infrastructure throughout San Juan Capistrano. SMWD invested some $5.6 million in repairs, maintenance, and improvements in just the first year. 

Sewer Upgrade 2022-2023

The work will begin on November 2, 2022, and last roughly three months. Crews will work Monday through Friday from 7 AM to 5 PM. No work will be done on weekends or holidays.

SMWD is upgrading 8,128 feet of buried sewer pipeline in the city over the next three months. There are two methods being used to upgrade the pipelines based on the age, location, and condition of the pipeline: UV-cured in-place liner and dig and replace. Learn more about the methods below. 

For questions about the project, please get in touch with Customer Relations at (949) 459-6420 or

Project Overview

  • Upgrading 8,128 feet of sewer pipeline 
  • Improving system reliability
  • November 2022 - February 2023 
  • No work on holidays 
  • $1.9 million investment


  • Letter mailed to residents on 10/20/2022
  • Weekly Capistrano Dispatch Ads  

* Works Begins Nov. 2 on Camino Capistrano *

Updated maps coming soon. 

_Sewer Rehab Public Outreach Map_SINGLE MAP-sf-01

Construction Drawing No.


Street Affected

Anticipated Construction Start Date [1]

Anticipated Construction End Date [1]


Work Description [2]

B09 thru B11

Peppertree Bend Avenida Evita

Calle Aspero

Paseo De La Paz

Monday February 13th

Thursday February 22nd

Cured in place Pipe & Lateral Repair (No Digging).     Temporary bypass pumping,

4 hour outage of services


Calle Chueca


Thursday February 23rd

Friday Feb 24th

Cured in place Pipe & Lateral Repair (No Digging).

 Temporary bypass pumping,

 4 hour outage of services


Paseo Del Mar (West End)

Monday February 27th

Monday February 27th

Cured in place pipe repair (no digging),

Temporary bypass pumping

4 hour outage of services


Via Los Pajaros Paseo Amapola Paseo Acacia  Paseo Olivos  Paseo Nogal

La Zanja Street

Tuesday February 28th


March 8th

Cured in place Pipe & Lateral Repair (No Digging).

 Temporary bypass pumping,

 4 hour outage of services

D9 & D10

Paseo Adelanto

Los Rios

Del Obispo

Thursday March 9th


March 16th

Cured in place Pipe & Lateral Repair (No Digging). Temporary bypass pumping,

 4 hour outage of services


Avenida Larga

Via Barrida

Via Buena

Friday March 17th

Tuesday March 28th

Cured in place Pipe & Lateral Repair (No Digging). Temporary bypass pumping,

 4 hour outage of services

[1] These dates will likely be delayed if rain is forecasted.

 [2] A four (4) hour service outage is required for the pipe liner to cure.

About the Two Methods Used for this Project

Dig and Replace  

This traditional method requires the streets to be dug up to access the pipeline which is then removed and a new one is installed. Twenty-eight segments, 1,270 feet of pipeline will be upgraded with this technique due to the age, condition and/or location of the pipeline.  

UV Cured In-Place Liner 

Most of the project, 31 segments totaling 6,858 feet of pipeline will be upgraded with this non-invasive process. The cured in-place method replaces damaged or deteriorated sewer pipe without digging up the existing pipe or disrupting roads, driveways, sidewalks, or landscaping. 


The process involves installing a resin-saturated felt tube into an existing sewer pipe. Once in place, the tube is inflated to fit tightly inside the original pipe and cured using ultraviolet light to create a new plastic pipe within the old pipe.


Glue Like Odor

On occasion, there may be a “glue like” odor during the curing process that arises from the resin (Styrene) used. Once the pipeline is fully cured, the odor will be eliminated. If you detect an odor in your home, it is likely entering through the pipe that connects your home to the public sewer main. A “U” shaped pipe called a P-trap is located at all drains/plumbing fixtures and is designed to keep sewer gas and other vapors out of your home or building. Floor drains/plumbing fixtures may dry out at the P-trap and allow sewer vapors to enter your home or building.


About the Resin 

Styrene is a clear, colorless liquid that is synthesized for commercial use from petroleum and natural gas byproducts.


Styrene also occurs naturally in the environment and is an inherent component in small concentrations of many commonly consumed foods and beverages, such as coffee, strawberries, and cinnamon.


For the general population in normal circumstances, measured environmental styrene concentrations from curing in-place in the air are at levels too low to cause health effects. 


Since 1971, this curing in-place method has been used to safely reduce construction time, cost and disruptions in sewer service, while minimizing the impact on homes, businesses, traffic, and the environment.



Prevent/Eliminate Odor

Pour ½ gallon of water in all plumbing fixtures and drains to fill your P-traps prior to the start of the project. If you smell the odor in your home, ventilate the area by opening windows and doors. Adding more water to the P-traps and using a fan may help eliminate the smell faster. If the odor persists after

ventilating, contact the Santa Margarita Water District at 949/459-6420.