Recycled Water Irrigation Plan Review & On-Site Inspections

All on-site irrigation systems that use or plan to use recycled water must be reviewed and approved by the District’s Chief Engineer to ensure the project complies with the District’s Rules and Regulations for Non-Domestic Water Service. Please note, review fees shall be paid prior to the approval of plans. 

The following documents need to be submitted: 

  • Irrigation Plans 
  • Recycled Water Use (RWU) Exhibit that conforms to District’s RWU Design Guide
  • Estimated cost of irrigation system
  • District approved Civil Engineering sheet that provides location of recycled water point of connection(s)

View District’s Rules and Regulations for Recycled Water Service

New On-Site Irrigation Plans  

The District must review and approve all new on-site irrigation plans using recycled water.  Signed irrigation plans are required to purchase an irrigation meter and begin on-site irrigation mainline installation.  In addition to detailed irrigation plans, plan submissions must also include a SMWD Recycled Water Use Exhibit.  

View SMWD Recycled Water Use Exhibit Design Guide


  • Review fee deposit based on 2% of the estimated construction cost of the recycled irrigation facilities
  • Minimum deposit of $200 required on all projects.
    • Applicant will receive a credit
  • Final plan review and inspection fee based on 4.0 percent of the estimated construction cost of the system
    •  The estimated cost will be prepared by the applicant and submitted for review by the District. 
    • The minimum fee shall be $400. 
    • The percentage and/or minimum fee may be revised by the District without prior notice to the applicant. 

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Recycled Water On-Site Inspections & Requirements

Sites that use recycled water must have a designated "Site Supervisor" who is responsible for the use of recycled water and assisting the District with periodic site inspections and cross-connection tests.  

Keep your "Site Supervisor" contact information current by using the Recycled Water Site Supervisor Form.  Please note, resubmission of the form is required when a site changes landscape maintenance companies or supervisors.

Access Recycled Water Site Supervisor Form

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