Why do I need an Encroachment Permit?

In order for the District to ensure all work is done consistent with established District standards and design criteria. More specifically the permit is required by the District:

  • To protect, maintain, and enhance the public water and sewer systems during and after permitted work
  • To allow work benefitting the public systems to occur while meeting all District design standards
  • To ensure the safety of the public, public facilities and permittees during the course of the work
  • To ensure the proposed encroachment on the public facilities is compatible with the ongoing and future use of the public systems
  • To protect the District’s and it’s customer base’s investment in the public water and sewer facilities, avoiding work that would occur to the detriment of the public system by allowing for proper District inspection
  • To ensure any temporary uses are conducted safely and with minimal inconvenience to the public/District customer base
  • To avoid conflicting work with other scheduled or emergency work in the area, either by the District or other permittee holders

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