What is SMWD doing to ensure that your water is safe?

SMWD’s top priority is to ensure the safety of your drinking water. The District operates a State-certified water quality laboratory with certified laboratory analysts performing over 18,000 drinking water analyses annually. SMWD has a State permit to monitor and test the water quality within its distribution system which stretches from El Toro Road in Lake Forest to Avenida Pico in San Clemente.  

Results of the District’s water quality analyses are published annually in our Consumer Confidence Report which can be found on our website here. We are proud that our water continues to meet or surpass all Federal and State drinking water standards.

The District’s Board of Directors has a Water Quality and Treatment Committee that meets monthly and focuses on water quality throughout the service area. The Committee has been a part of cutting-edge research on water quality monitoring using advanced molecular biology testing and working closely with multiple universities to evaluate emerging contaminants. 

The vast majority of the District’s drinking water is imported from the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California which supplies water to nearly 19 million people from Ventura County to San Diego County. They operate one of the most advanced water quality laboratories in the world where they conduct over 200,000 water quality tests each year. 

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