What will SMWD focus on in San Juan Capistrano?
  • SMWD is committed to providing superior customer care, enhancing water supply reliability, and investing in the aging wastewater system.  
    • Customer Care 
      • SMWD focuses exclusively on drinking water, recycled water, and wastewater. 
      • SMWD has a dedicated team of water professionals, including customer care and water use efficiency to serve all its customers.  
    • Aging Wastewater System 
      • SMWD has committed $20 million dollars to upgrading the aging wastewater system.  
      • Customers in San Juan Capistrano will receive the same quick afterhours and emergency response that current SMWD customer appreciate.  
    • Water Supply Reliability  
      • SMWD has invested in a reliable distribution system (pipelines) and water supply for decades.  
      • Cost-sharing in the operation of the Groundwater Treatment Plant which will reduce actual operating and capital costs. 
      • SMWD will provide long-term access to recycled water which will 1) enhance the potential to retain groundwater for drinking water production; and 2) enhance the reliability of irrigation for parks and recreational landscapes. 

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