What are the Benefits of Annexation?
  • All SMWD customers – new and existing – will benefit from shared operating and administrative costs of the water utility.  
  • San Juan Capistrano customers now have access to a team of water use efficiency professionals.   
  • SMWD focuses exclusively on water and wastewater services and has the expertise to efficiently run the Groundwater Recovery Plant, maintain and upgrade the aging infrastructure, and provide good customer care to the residents and businesses in San Juan Capistrano.  
  • Customers may have peace of mind knowing that SMWD is developing local water supplies —locally sourced, locally controlled. 
    • Like most of south Orange County, SMWD imports nearly all its drinking water from northern California and the Colorado River because it lacks access to a reliable source of local water. SMWD has focused on reducing its dependence on imported water for decades because of the rising costs and the risk of drought and natural disasters. SMWD set a goal to have 30% of its drinking water supply locally sourced (within 20 miles) by 2030.  
    • Within the city of San Juan Capistrano is the Groundwater Recovery Plant. SMWD has the strategic vision and ability to fully utilize this facility to help create a local, reliable, and sustainable water supply.  
  • Increases SMWD’s stake in the regional wastewater plant, SOCWA’s Latham Wastewater Treatment Plant, and has the potential to reduce costs by optimizing plant operations.  
  • The addition of the San Juan Capistrano recycled water system expands the use of Trampas Canyon Dam and Reservoir and spreads the future costs of developing local drinking water supplies through water reuse. 

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