Who approved the project?

Delegates representing the 81 neighborhoods within the 24,217-home Lake Mission Viejo Association voted unanimously to switch to Advanced Treated Water for lake refill and end nearly 40 years of using potable (drinking) water to maintain water levels in the 124-acre Orange County lake. In all, delegates cast 19,803 votes – representing 82 percent of the Association’s homeowners – all in favor of the Association working with the Santa Margarita Water District to construct a new treatment plant to produce Advanced Treated Water for the lake.

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1. What is Advanced Treated Water (ATW)?
2. Is Advanced Treated Water safe?
3. Is Advanced Treated Water safe for human consumption?
4. How much will the project cost?
5. Who will pay for the project?
6. Who approved the project?
7. When will the project be completed?