Does SMWD water have PFAS in it?

SMWD relies 100% on imported drinking water which comes from the Colorado River and Northern California. Because these sources are surface water supplies, there is an extremely low risk of PFAS contamination compared to groundwater sources near industrial areas, airports, and landfills. SMWD has performed PFAS testing on various points of the imported water system and found that all of the PFAS chemicals were either not detected or were below the detection limit of 2 parts per trillion. For reference, a part per trillion is an exceedingly small amount equivalent to adding ten drops of liquid into a container the size of the Rose Bowl. 

While there are over 5,000 chemicals classified as PFAS, the Federal and State regulators are focused on two of the most frequently detected PFAS chemicals: PFOA (Perfluorooctanoic acid) and PFOS (Perfluorooctyl sulfonic Acid). The EPA set an advisory level for the sum of PFOA and PFOS at 70 parts per trillion while the State set a notification level for 5.1 parts per trillion for PFOA and 6.5 parts per trillion for PFAS. 

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