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1. How can I perform my own water testing?
2. What kind of water filter do you suggest?
3. Is SMWD water hard or soft?
4. How does SMWD keep drinking water clean?
5. Why does drinking water sometimes look cloudy?
6. What is the odor that I sometimes smell from my tap or sink faucet?
7. What is the white residue that builds up on silverware, glasses and even my shower door?
8. Why do I smell chlorine in my water?
9. Is fluoride added to SMWD's water supply?
10. How do I find out more about my drinking water and the tests performed by SMWD to ensure its safety?
11. Does SMWD test for lead and copper in drinking water?
12. Recently, I’ve read that pinhole leaks in my home’s copper pipes may be caused by the water. Is there more information on this?